What is consignment?

Consignment means that you provide the furniture, we provide the store—and we share the profits. When sold, you receive 50% of the selling price. Download our contract.

What type of furniture or accessories will the Ottoman Society accept?

We are looking for the best! That means clean, no rips, tears, damage, stains, smells or pet hair. We are not able to accept baby furniture, commercial furniture, appliances or electronics. We do love unique items such as rugs, art, sculpture, lamps and chandeliers.

How do I know if my items are right for the Ottoman Society?

We highly recommend visit to our shop to get a feel for the items we carry or you can look around our Photo Gallery . Your item must be approved. This is very easy! We encourage you to email a photo of your item to shop@theOttomanSociety.com for an online evaluation or you are always welcome to stop by to show us your item. If approved, you can bring it in or we can recommend a professional mover.

How do I get paid?

When an item has been accepted, we will set a selling price. After it sells, you will receive one half of that price. Consigned items will be marked down in this way:
  • First Month - Full price
  • Second Month - 20% off
  • Third Month - 40% off
Most things sell in three months. Please keep in mind that making a considerable profit is rare. You will be assigned your own account, which you may check at any time by visiting our shop. Checks are sent for sold items at the end of each month. At that time, you may come into the shop for your check, or we can mail it to you.

What if my item does not sell?

Most of our items will sell quickly. However, if it does not, you can pick it up or arrange for it to be delivered back to you. Or, the Ottoman Society will happily donate it to a worthy cause free of charge.